The statements below each painting are not titles they are indications of what I was thinking about and what inspired the painting.
I always have one thing in mind when I work: keep it simple. Simple is always the best and often the most difficult. It’s easy to make a big colourful mess and call it abstract.
We make assumptions and judgements based on what our brain tells us what it is we are looking at and they take the place of actual seeing. We automatically accept the assumptions and judgements that we already have, which have become habitual, we no longer see.
It is our brain that tells us this is an xx or it is a yy, not the intelligence of our minds. We believe what our brain tells us it is instant recognition without question which is in some case the right thing to do. But not always and not on every level.
 A simple example. My brain tells me I am looking at a cup full of hot coffee – it’s a sensible thing to believe what my brain tells me. This applies to my everyday experience of the world on one level. If however I am looking at the effects of something that I cannot see has on the world around me like gravity, my brain has no memory of an image of gravity. It has never seen a lump or piece of gravity anywhere.
Most of the structure and fabric of our world comes in different kinds of waves in many forms, most of which we cannot see or experience. This is all very obvious but we forget it most of the time and make assumptions and judgements on what our brain tells us we are looking at and seeing.
This leaves me with many questions which is where my work begins. I am no scientist only an artist trying to understand where I live and how I live and the problems we are creating for ourselves and our world.