How to buy



You can view the latest price list by clicking this link. (Depending on the browser you use this will either download the file to your computer or open the file in a new tab.) 

Work on approval

If the artwork arrives and you’re not satisfied with your original purchase for any reason, you’ll have 3 weeks from the date of delivery to return the work for a refund provided that it is returned to the artist in its original condition and original packaging.

The client will pay the full cost of shipping and packaging in advance. A refund of half the shipping cost will be made if the client keeps the work at the end of trial period.

Shipping, packing and insurance

All packing and insurance costs are paid by the client.

The client will pay for half the shipping costs for delivery within Europe.

All shipping costs for delivery outside Europe are payable by the client.


If the work is made with pigment on canvas great care should be taken when unpacking the work and with its installation.

Instructions for unpacking, installation and framing protection of the work will be sent in advance of the shipment.

Installation of work

If direct supervision is requested this is possible. Details will be agreed with the client prior to shipping.

Cleaning and repair

This depends upon the media used to create the work. There are two possibilities: return the work to the artist’s studio or consult a local expert art restorer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please ask. I am happy to talk to you. You will not be pressurised to buy. 

Do you accept commissions?

Yes I do. Please get in touch for more information.

When can you start work?

As soon as the deposit is paid and materials are purchased and arrive at the studio. Not all the materials I use can be found locally.

How long will it take?

This entirely depends on the size and complexity of the work. Graphite works can take several months while works in oil and pigment take less time.

Clients time scale

I will take as long as is needed to create the work that you commission. I can’t promise to meet a deadline. 

About sizes

The maximum size I can accommodate in my studio is 3m x 2.5m. The smallest work I will do is 40cm x 40cm.

Payment plans

Providing a reasonable deposit is paid before I start work I am willing to consider payment in monthly instalments.


A third of the total fee will be taken before work starts. The fee includes the cost of materials (canvas, frame, paints, pigments) and shipping those materials to my studio.


About pigments on canvas

Pigments on canvas are more fragile than oil paint on canvas and require very careful handling. If you touch the surface some pigment may come off. This may not change the image or the look of the painting but it will have broken the fine protective layer of varnish that has been applied to the painting’s surface.

This means the pigment may come loose and over time begin to fall on to other parts of the canvas. This is easily prevented by applying another layer of varnish to the canvas, but needs to be done by a restorer or by the artist.

All the technical details will be supplied by the artist. It is easy to do and the cost is very small.

I recommend that the painting is framed in a glazed box frame to keep any dust off the. Dust is very dangerous for paintings. It is extremely difficult to remove especially from a surface that has dry pigment applied to it.