the plastic house

Internal finishes being applied to an apartment building


The house is opened up like the pages of a book, each wall, floor and the roof having all the elements that they contain attached to the flat surface, showing the plastic contained in them, and each item labelled such as: electric cables, pipes, water tanks, windows, doors, flooring, plaster board, internal walls, kitchen cabinets…

As visitors walk past and through the exhibition they will see everything labelled with the name of the plastic, the manufacturer, and the supplier. How much plastic is contained in the article and how toxic it is to the individual and the environment both during its manufacture and once it has been discarded and sent to land fill where it leaks in to the surrounding land and the water table to our rivers and oceans. Should a manufacturer decline to supply details of manufacture that will be stated.

The other contents, the normal belongings of the inhabitants of an average house, would be displayed in front of the flat wall screens; items like TVs, washing machines, phones, clothes, food, computers, CDs & DVDs, furniture, textiles. Everything from cars right down to the wrapper from your chocolate bar.

Every visitor will be given a complete list of all these plastics and dangerous materials in clear simple language — no commercial jargon — that they can understand so that they can take the action that is possible for them, within their means and life situation. No matter how poor or rich, youthful or elderly, disabled or able-boded, we are all responsible. Some more than others, like multinational corporations and dysfunctional governments.

The ordinary belongings of ordinary people almost always contain plastic, although sometimes it
A more sustainable option, using wood and traditional construction methods


The Organic House would appear next to the Plastic House so everyone can see and make the comparison with how the materials are made and the house constructed. Compare the work of the craftsperson and the organic methods they use to the mass produced, faceless construction industry.


Flat House review – a home made from hemp that will blow your mind

Here’s today’s fun fact: the word “canvas” is derived from “cannabis”. (And imagine if the two words had still been identical this past century or so: literature would speak of cannabis-covered deck shoes, of boy scouts enjoying their life under cannabis, of going cannabissing for your parliamentary candidate.)