climate change

“We need to take this to the individual. We have to include the individual in the belief we can do this together.”

Marshall, like many of us, is extremely concerned about climate change. In his work he endeavours to create art in the most sustainable way he can, choosing to use natural materials which have the least impact on the environment while still producing art that you can enjoy in your home. Many of his recent works have explored our relationship with the universe in which we live, and the ways in which humans interact with each other and our surroundings.

In a natural progression of these thoughts he has begun work on an ambitious project to illustrate our dependency on materials which are harmful to us and our environment. He will soon present the initial plans for this large-scale multimedia project. In the meantime, here are some of the ideas he has been exploring on the path towards his major new work.

exploring climate change

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An ambitious project, the Plastic House is, at its heart, an optimistic plan for the future.

The Plastic House is a multimedia exploration of how plastic has insinuated itself into every single thing we use or own. The project strips back an average home and details each plastic-contaminated product within the building, from construction to contents.

The optimism springs from the artist’s belief that a visual demonstration will help everyone see how they can help, on an individual basis, to slow down the climate crisis by making informed choices.

Phase one is here. Read on…