Marshall is a British-born artist, who now works from his own studio.

Born in Richmond, Surrey in 1947 and educated at boarding school from 1956 to 1965. Marshall then went to Foundation Art School in 1965 and from there to St Martins School of Fine Art where he graduated in 1969 with a degree in Fine Art.

He followed that with two short assignments: studio work in New York and as a photographer for CBS in Los Angeles.



McCann Advertising – Art Director, 1970 -1974
London Business School 1975
Fine Art Auctioneers – Advertising and Marketing Manager, 1976 -1980
International Property Agents John D. Wood – Advertising Director, 1980- 1983
Purchased my own studio and painted full time, 1983 -1990
Set up my own company Studio Designs Partners to fund my own work
Serious family illness in 1990 prevented any studio work and the operations of Studio Designs
Full time carer for my wife from 1990 to 2010
Full time Studio work and teaching drawing classes 2011 to 2015
Moved to France 2015 continued studio work to present

marshall portrait 1

Artist’s Statement

My work comes from the questions we cannot answer. The things we do not know.
Like consciousness. We still do not know why, how or where it comes from. We think we have it all the time.
For me it is a little like – you cannot start from here you have to start from where you are.

I know from my own many years of experience I do not have the same level of consciousness all the time.

Language. How do we convert mechanical movements in our brain into ideas, symbols and words?
So many of the unknowns in cosmology and our own biology.
Quantum theory. How do the smallest particles relate to everyday life?
And the odd question about what is reality.

What do you do as a child if you cannot read? Draw and paint – water colours, oils, inks, pastels. I did this until I was fourteen, at boarding school, where it was discovered to everyone’s shock and horror. Once I learned to read I devoured the entire library in a year.

I cannot remember any of it, of course.

Home always had visiting scientists, artists and writers. I used to sit and listen to their conversations.

The only thing to do after school was go to art school. I had no qualifications at the time.
Foundation course and then St. Martin’s School of Fine Art and every summer working and traveling in America.
Degree in Fine Art, and distinction for acquisition of language!
Then a large advertising agency, then to a fine art auction house and lastly international property company.

I bought my own studio in west London, sold the work from my studio.
Set up my own design company to remain financially independent allowing me to be free from needing exhibitions or grants.

What interests me and is still most important – does someone like the work? Do they like it enough to want to hang it on their wall?

I lived in London most of my life. I moved away in 2015 and once again set up my own studio where I work every day.