Marshall is a British-born artist

Born in Richmond, Surrey in 1947 and educated at boarding school from 1956 to 1965. Marshall then went to Foundation Art School in 1965 and from there to St Martins School of Fine Art where he graduated in 1969 with Honours and Distinction.

He followed this with short assignments doing studio work in New York and as a photographer for CBS in Los Angeles. 

He went on to work as Art Director for the next 12 years until becoming an independent artist working from his own studio.

He currently works full time from his studio in France but is relocating to England soon. 



Several large commercial companies 1970 -1974
London Business School 1975
Fine art auctioneers 1976 – 1980
International property company 1980 – 1983

Purchased own studio and painted full time 1983 -1990
Set up a partnership to fund own painting
Serious family illness prevented any studio work until 2010
Full time studio work and teaching art 2011 to 2015
Moved to France 2015 continued full-time studio work to present

marshall portrait 1

Artist’s Statement

The recent work is both figurative and non-figurative about things we do not really understand.

I use oil paint, graphite and dry pigment to try to capture lightly and and simply some essential parts of our lives, those we all experience and those we are now being forced to look at.

The connectedness of everything living, including ourselves.

This is fact, not some wooly artist statement. Everything is dependent on everything else. Entanglement from the smallest particle to our whole planet.

I am happy to respond to interview requests. Please use the contact form to get in touch. 

You may also be interested in the artworks of Marshall’s wife, Audrey Henderson Marshall.